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Glossary of Paintball Vocabulary and Jargon

Wednesday, 17th October 2018

We help you get to grips with some confusing paintball jargon by defining some of the most used paintball terms and vocabulary that you need to know.

Basecamp – Basecamp is where you spend time not competing in paintball games in the game zone. You’ll break in between games, register at the start of the day, receive your equipment, get your safety briefing, eat lunch, re-gas your paintball gun, and update the scoreboard.

Battle Pack – A battle pack is a small case worn as a belt around your waist which contains extra paintballs and ammunition that you need to access during the game easily.

Body Armour – This protective armour is worn on the main impact areas on your body to protect against flying paintballs.

Bounce – This is when a paintball hits its target but doesn’t break and bounces off instead. When a paintball bounces, this does not count as a hit, and there is no elimination.

BPS – BPS stands for balls per second and is the rate at which your gun can fire out paintballs. It measures how many paintballs your marker can fire per second.

Bunker – The bunker is that area that players use for cover in the game zone to shelter from incoming fire during the game. The bunker could be a trench, an upturned car, a tank, or a helicopter wreck.

Camo Suit – This is a full-body camouflaged overall with a high padded collar that protects you and your clothing from paintballs.

Covering Fire – Covering fire provides supporting fire for a player moving out of cover.

Firing Blind – Firing blindly is shooting at someone without a clear shot at the target. It’s when you shoot in that general direction and hope for the best without having a clear aim of the target.

Flank – This is a tactical strategy where two or more players provide cover whilst a third player moves forward and gets closer to the goal.

Game Zone – The area where the paintball game is played. Game zones are often themed scenarios like castles, fortresses, and forests. This is where the action takes place, so goggles must always be worn in the game zone.

Goggles – Goggles are the most important item of safety gear as they protect your eyes from paintballs. BPF provides all players with full-head goggles that cover the top, sides, and back of the head so that you’re protected from painful impacts at all times.

Head Check – Carry out a quick head check to assess where your opponents are.

Hopper – A hopper is a container fitted to the top of the paintball marker that holds the paintballs and screws on and off for easy reloading.

Marker – A marker is a paintball gun and is used to fire paintballs at the opposition. Paintball markers use compressed air or CO2 to mark an opponent.

Mug Shot – Shooting someone right in the goggles

Newbie – A new paintball player or someone very inexperienced at paintball.

Overshoot – When a player continues to shoot even when the player they were aiming for has already been hit.

Paintball – Paintball is a game in which participants use markers to shoot capsules of paint at one another.

Paintballs – These are round balls of non-toxic, biodegradable, water-soluble paint fired from paintball guns. You should avoid being hit by them at all times.

Predator – The Predator is exclusive to BPF and is a 7-foot-tall warrior who searches for players and eliminates them. Be sure to stand completely still, and he’ll move on without confrontation.

Pyrotechnics – Pyrotechnics is a broad term to define smoke grenades, paint grenades, and anything that goes bang in the game zone

Safety Zone – The safety zone is any part of the site which isn’t the game zone and where paintball markers must never be fired.

Tippmann – Tippmann is the paintball gun model we use here at Bawtry Paintball. Adult paintballers use a Tippmann FT-12 Fliptop paintball gun, which is accurate, lightweight, fast, robust, and shoots 8 shots per second. Junior paintballers use a smaller and lighter Tippmann FT50 low-impact gun.

Wiping – Wiping is when a player has been hit with a paintball and wipes off the paint. This is illegal and is classed as cheating!

Now that you’ve got to grips with some of the most used paintball vocabulary and jargon and can speak our language, call us on 01302 868841 to book a game and join the action!

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