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6 Tips To Become a Paintball Pro

Wednesday, 17th October 2018

Whether it’s your first time playing paintball for a birthday party or stag do, and you want to read up on some tactics, or you simply want to improve your game and get a one-up on the opposition, these tips will help you lead your team to victory and transform you into a paintball pro.

Be Aware

It’s important in paintball to always be aware of your position, opponent’s, and team’s positions. You need to constantly be on the lookout for danger and see your opposition before they see you and tag you out first. Constantly survey the game zone and scan the field to spot any dangers. Don’t keep your head down, but look up to gather all the information you can. This way, you’ll identify threats and decipher the areas you can manoeuvre into.

Move Around

To win paintball, you need to move around. You may need to stay inconspicuous and hidden for some of the game but to win, you can’t stay still. Stay on your toes and be agile, or you will get caught. Be stealthy and move quickly and quietly into your best position. Always think ahead about where you’ll move to next so you’re not vulnerable. Moving targets are much harder to shoot.

Be Tactical

Paintball is a game of tactics. You need always to think two moves ahead of your opposition and determine their next move. Think about what the best thing your team can do to achieve your goals. Always have a clear strategy and make a plan for this with your team before you begin the game. Assess the best options and choose your next moves wisely.

Choose the Right Position

Getting into the right position is paramount in paintball. Ideally, you need to be in a position with good cover but also where you can see what’s happening in the game to pick the perfect time to make your next move. You need to be in the optimal position to take your opponent out before they catch you out. Never give away your position by exposing yourself more than you need to. Try to stay hidden, don’t stand out in the open, and use obstacles to hide behind.


Teamwork is key in paintball. Work with your allies to achieve your aims. Communicate with your teammates and get a plan together before the game starts. During the game, share your knowledge by telling teammates who you’ve hit, where you’re moving to next, and where other players are. If you’re in trouble, let your teammates know. Never try to be a hero to win on your own; it won’t work, and you’ll work better as a whole team rather than independently.

Understand the Rules

Before you start the game, make sure you are clear about the goal of that game. There can be many different aims to a paintball game, from tagging the enemy to capturing the flag and rescuing hostages. Make sure you have a clear objective in mind throughout the game. Another rule that beginners sometimes miss is that you are only out if the paintball breaks. If it hits you but bounces, you’re still in the game. You can also keep playing even if your gun runs out of paint. Don’t let the opposition know this; try to reach your objective.

Follow these top tips in your next game of paintball. Remember to be aware of your surroundings and the gameplay, move around and be stealthy, be tactical and have a strategy, get into the best position you can communicate with your team, and understand the rules of the game. Applying these tactics will make you one step closer to winning your games and becoming a paintball pro.

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