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5 Reasons Why Paintball Is The Best Kids Activity This Summer Holiday

Wednesday, 17th October 2018

Struggling to decide what to do with the kids this summer? Bawtry Paintball has paintball games specifically designed for kids aged nine years and above. This article highlights 5 of the best reasons why paintball is the perfect kids’ activity for the summer holidays.

1. Paintball is Safe

Many parents may be cautious about their kids playing paintball, and you may be worried about the sport's safety. However, paintball is very safe and has one of the lowest injury rates of any sport. BPF has low-impact games designed for younger players, in which guns fire paintballs with a third of the force of regular paintballs. BPF has a 100% first-class safety record and is the UK’s safest multi-activity centre, meeting all UKPSF standards.

2. Paintball is Fun

Paintball is one of the most fun-filled and action-packed games and one of the most adrenaline-pumping ways to spend an afternoon. Kids can act out scenes from their favourite action movies in our range of thrilling game zones – from treetop fortresses and toxic fuel dumps to castle assaults and commando special ops. Paintball is exhilarating and will let kids’ imaginations run wild as they become part of an epic adventure to beat the opposition.

3. Paintball is Healthy

Paintball is healthy for both the mind and the body. Give the kids a much-needed break from sitting indoors on technology and get them active in the great outdoors. Kids will get loads of exercise from running, jumping, ducking, diving and climbing around different game zones. A game of paintball will get the kids out of the house and into the fresh air for a healthy, full-body workout.

4. Paintball Builds Friendships

Paintball is great for building friendships. Paintball builds bonds between friends as they laugh, work together, and create lifelong memories. Paintball encourages friendly competitiveness and improves team-building skills, as kids must work with their team to implement a winning strategy. Paintball is a very social game, and success only comes from working together.

5. Paintball Offers Variety

Paintball never gets boring and offers so much variety. There are many different missions, from capturing the flag to eliminating players and various game zones, from crossfire to convoy attack. What’s more, kids aren’t restricted to paintball at BPF. They can also have a go at archery, laser combat, and tomahawk axe & knife throwing. These activities can open kids' eyes to new experiences and always encourage kids to embrace new activities.

Paintball is the best kids' activity for the summer holidays because it’s very safe, it’s incredibly fun, action-packed and exhilarating. It gets kids active in the great outdoors, which is excellent for health and fitness. It builds lifelong friendships and opens your kids’ eyes to fantastic new experiences. So what are you waiting for? Get the kids down to BPF for a game of paintball this summer!

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