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Tomahawk Axe & Knife Throwing 11+YRS – £20 Per Person
1Hr Fully Instructed

There’s nothing more satisfying than learning how to throw knives, Flying-Angels, or Tomahawk axes and hitting your target every time. Our fully enclosed, Astroturfed arena has been carefully designed and built for Axe and Knife throwing, and offers a unique, safe and exciting addition to the paintballing, archery, and laser tag already on offer at BPF Multi-Activity Centre in Doncaster. Our helpful staff will supervise and coach you and your friends throughout the hour-long session, helping you to hone your skills. A knife and axe throwing party at BPF gives an opportunity to be expertly instructed in the art of throwing Tomahawks, Flying Angels and knives, in a completely SAFE, CONTROLLED and FULLY SUPERVISED environment.

The minimum age to take part is 11+yrs

Key to BPF’s continued success is our attention to safety. We have a 100% unblemished safety record and implement rigid safety procedures when instructing activities. Our staff are trained to a very high standard and ensure safety is maintained at all times.

Tomahawk Axe Throwing Party at Bawtry Paintball Fields, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Flying Angels Following a safety brief, all participants, regardless of age, are started off throwing ‘Flying Angels’. With multiple ‘sticking points’ that will stick in the target through 240 degrees of rotation, Flying Angels are perfect for beginners, and are five times more likely to stick in the target than knives. Perfectly weighted and easy to throw, Flying Angels are what junior will throw throughout the session.

Knife and Axe Throwing Party at Bawtry Paintball Fields, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Once hitting the target most times, and achieving the correct degree of rotation and power, participants may progress on to knife throwing. With only one sticking point, knife throwing requires a good throwing technique and a lot of concentration. It’s important to mention that ‘throwing knives’ are designed specifically for throwing at targets, and bare no similarity to ordinary knives. They have no sharp edges or sharp points, are forged out of one flat piece if steel, and are weighted evenly across their length, which allows them to fly and rotate easily. Knife Throwing

Tomahawk Axe Throwing Party at Bawtry Paintball Fields, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Tomahawks For those Apache wannabes who demonstrate good Flying Angel and knife throwing skills, throwing a Tomahawk axe is the ultimate thrill. But beware – with an 18” shaft and traditional hawk head, Tomahawk throwing is much harder than it looks!

Most groups add Axe and Knife Throwing to other activities such as Archery, Laser Combat, or Paintballing, making it a multi-activity event; however an Axe and Knife throwing party is fantastic fun all on it’s own too!

There’s no minimum group size required and knife and axe throwing is an all-year-round activity. Giant hot-dogs, juicy burgers etc can be purchased on the day to fuel hungry tums. Vegetarian, and gluten free options are also available. Our on-site caterers are 5* Food Hygiene Rated.

To book your Axe and Knife throwing party or multi-activity event at BPF in Doncaster, Yorkshire call our helpful staff on 01302 868841